Partnering With the George Washington Carver Seed Bank

We will be partnering with The George Washington Carver Seed Bank to work with African American farmers and Reverend Al Sampson to create a seed bank for African American food systems.

This is a crucial and fundamental part of the Cooking Gene.  We started talking to Reverend Sampson months ago and his project is exactly part of our plan: to reinvigorate the economic opportunities for African American farmers and to improve our health by making access to healthy organic food an affordable option within the community.  Rev. Sampson wants to make sure that we connect farmers in the South with urban communities in the North, create a seed bank for African American farmers and use food and food justice to improve the nutritional, physical, and financial health of African American communities.

We are proud to be a part of his vision for a better life for the descendants of enslaved people and for the spirit and cooperation he has worked hard to foster from his ordination by Dr. King and devoted participation in the Civil Rights movement to his current community activist today in Chicago and beyond. Rev. Sampson has tirelessly worked on our behalf and now the younger generation wants to join him in a fresh vision for food in the Black community–moving us beyond heart attacks and stroke and into better health and a better food supply that is self-sustained and sustainable.

To read more on the George Washington Carver Seed Bank:

You can find out more about Reverend Al Sampson and his vision for improving the health and well being of urban African American communities on his site:



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