Thank Yous

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support for this project.  I hope that the blessings expand to all the communities we visit and I can’t thank you enough on their behalf and my Ancestors.   This list is updated several times a day.  G-d Bless!  Michael

February 2, 2012:


Jessica Warren

February 3, 2012:

Erica Smith

Beth Roach

Tracy C. Arend

February 4, 2012:

Dr. Richard Wilk

February 6, 2012:

Damon Zawkhin

February 7, 2012:

Kathy Jentz

February 9, 2012:

Lynne Bulhack

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

Anna Sierra

Gretchen McKay

February 13, 2012:

Stephanie K. Springer

February 17, 2012:

Andrew Moore

Jessica Pendergrass of Urban Sacred Garden.Com

Laura Caballero

February 22, 2012:

Flo Meit and Family


Nathan Huffman and family

Denise and Brenda

February 24, 2012:

Heather Bouslog

February 26, 2012:

Clarissa Lynch

March 6, 2012:

Janet Stanley

March 7, 2012:

Andi Cumbo

March 8, 2012:

Vernice A. Woodland

March 14, 2012:

The Thiessen Family

March 16, 2012:

Mary Shwegler

March 19, 2012:


March 20, 2012:

The Melzer-Mitchell Family

As of April 8, 2012:

Misti Furr and Family

Sandor Katz

TJ Michels


Genya Erling

Eli Roberts

Nancie McDermott

Margaret Eppig

Geraldine Wade

Jay Bost


Kym Rice

Rosemary Hutzler

Vernice Woodland

Dana Harris


As of April 30, 2012:

Greg Adams

Cecilia Peterson

Dennett Edwards

RS Williams


Makale Faber-Cullen

Crystal Wallis



Amelia Vogel

Jessica Youngberg

Jodi Holiday


Christine Haskell


Magdalena Wszelaki


Kenneth Moore


Jilah Kalil

Misti Furr

Therese Nelson

Katherine Scott

Martha Katz-Hyman

Karen Emerson

Jill Lucas

Jane Ziegelmann

Avery Costner



Ann Silverman

April Llewellyn

D Shields

Joyce White

Kat Kinsman

Pesach Lubinsky


Jane Howe

Kaw Brown

May 1, 2012:

David Scheyer

Five Seeds Farm

Crystal Wallis

As of May 7, 2012

Electa Hoyle

Ellen Neal

B. Coulton

Nicole Taylor

Kathleen Wall

My Southern Roots

Jan Dobrescu

Stella Tex

Christopher Grataski


Kym Rice


Laura Kumin

Red Dirt Projects

Temple Beth Ami

Jacquelyne Peterson

Eric Rodriguez

Khadija Woods

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Clare Owens


Mary Battle


Bryant Terry

Mary Maurer

Zach Weiss

The Food Griot

Mary M. Pack

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