Special Thanks To…

Andrew Moore—the first person I got to thank personally for supporting The Cooking Gene.  He came to my presentation at Carnegie Mellon University last night–which had over 120 people in attendance.  It was the first public event associated with this project.

And please please visit UrbanSacredGarden.Com and say hi to my new friend Jessica Pendergrass from Kentucky.

Please follow in the footsteps of Andrew and Jessica and please support us!  We have about 600$ of 8,000 and we have a long way to go.  Please consider making a donation today–they start at 10$–if you can avoid Starbucks for three days you can make a momentous contribution.  And at this point, we only need about 741 people out of 300 plus million Americans and 6 billion people on earth to donate ten bucks.  I can’t thank Andy and Jessica enough from the bottom of my heart for helping me tell our Ancestors’ story.  G-d Bless, Michael



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