This Morning’s Grist.Org Piece

Claire Thompson did a very nice interview/write up on The Cooking Gene--Southern Discomfort Tour for Grist.Org! We have SIXTY SIX HOURS TO GO at this point---so I wish I could say I wasn't worried but I am--and we really need your help--this is extremely important to a lot of people and I don't want to …


Thank You, Nancie!

We are at day 40 leading to May 6th--the final day of our campaign for The Cooking Gene.  I am sure a lot of people want the food pics and the recipes now, and the how to on this project.  Unfortunately I have to be tentative about that until we know we will be able …

The Cooking Gene is Born

We are now officially a campaign.

Don’t Try this at Home

While the rest of my team happily sleeps away until morning, I have insanely elected to stay up and work.  Now please understand that I am absolutely insane for keeping such long hours these past few weeks, luckily I have no car so nobody is the worse for my blend of creative insomnia and micro-sleeps. …

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