Indiegogo Campaign


Update:   We are finally here!  WOW!  If you have not read our FAQ’s please do so!  We are counting on YOU readers to spread the word and get the word out to everybody you know through Facebook, Twitter, email and text.  Please consider donating a few bucks or more to our project to see it off the ground.  

Crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo do us all a great service by providing visionary people with the opportunity to get their dreams off the ground so they can make an immediate impact in our culture.  Our team is a multicultural group of young people who are thrilled that we have the opportunity to see our vision come to fruition.  When you go to support our project, we ask that you hang around a bit to discover the work that others are doing on the site.  We understand that times are tough, but giving a little here and there makes a big difference in the lives of a lot of people.  In advance, we thank you for donating, sharing the word about our project, subscribing to this site and liking us on Facebook and sharing that generosity with many many others who like us, just want to see a lifetime of work and dreams come true.


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